Pod Pod Cvlt Cast

#28 In Which We Discuss Dick

February 03, 2020 PodPodCvltCast Season 2 Episode 28
Pod Pod Cvlt Cast
#28 In Which We Discuss Dick
Show Notes

There are two things missing from conversations about toxic masculinity and body positivity: positive masculinity and penis appreciation. Hello, we're the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast and we're here to talk to you about dicks, pics, consent, getting naked at parties, and comparison culture.

We also answer Patron questions from Patreon.com/PodPodCvltCast! Find out how the Pod feels about podcasting. We share the most common questions we get about BDSM and our opinion on the best representation of polyamory in media. 

Content warning: Penis! Max and Erik are very candid about their relationships with their bodies and food.

Meanwhile, the world is a literal tire fire, so...

Our hearts are with Australia, click here to see how you can help.

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